Desk Plans

Build Your Own Counterweight Desk 

Let my plans guide you through the process.

See the original video and build process here.

Customer desks can be seen here.

Low vs high height comparison below.

The table surface is 30″ x 72″.

Drawings, dimensions, multiple views and more comprise the plan’s 26 page length. The format is as follows: numbered exploded diagram, iso view and dimensioned drawings section, discussion of each component’s construction, assembly and adjustment, general advice and thoughts.

What do I get?

The plans have four files:

  • The main 26 page pdf plans file
  • A two page 1:1 size template for the locking arm
  • A brief one page document on viewing the SketchUp file
  • The SketchUp model itself.

Primary tools required

Table saw, jig or band saw, router, thickness planer, jointer (optional but helpful), hacksaw or angle grinder, drill press (also optional but helpful).

Other tools may speed things up or simplify a task but they are not required.

Estimated Cost

The mechanism and top as constructed in my video cost between $200 and $250 (USD) locally in Michigan, US.

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Plans are $39.00 USD: To place an order please email me at the address above, I will send you a Stripe invoice and fulfill the order manually.


CW Desk Height DiagramChangelog

Version 1.00 
– Released 10/16/15