Build Your Own Expanding Table 

Let my plans guide you through the process.

You can find the table history here.

Customer tables can be seen here.

A video overview of the table plans can be seen below on this page.

Version 1.06 now includes DXF vector files for the main levels, 1to1 patterns for the arms, a skirt, better diagrams and a host of other small improvements requested and suggested by customers over the past year. All content from previous version is included and the model has been updated to include all changes.

Drawings, dimensions, multiple views and more comprise the plan’s 47+ page length. The format is as follows: number coded exploded diagram, iso view and dimensioned drawings section, discussion of each component’s construction, discussion of assembly and adjustment, general advice and final thoughts.

Primary tools required

 Table saw, router, jigsaw, thickness planer, angle grinder.

Other tools may speed things up or simplify a task but they are not required.

Estimated Cost

The mechanism itself costs a little less than $450.00 USD based on 2019 Midwest US material prices. The legs and top panels could roughly double (or more) that figure, depending on the material grade, thus bringing my total estimated project cost to between $800 and $1200.

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Plans are $59.00 USD: To place an order please email me at the address above, I will send you a Stripe invoice and fulfill the order manually.

Plans Overview:

Customer Feedback:

– Scott, I just bought your plans, great job. I also like your links to hardware. – Steve G.
– You did a great job figuring this out. Thanks again! – Bruce A.
– I gave the expanding table plans to my father-in-law for Christmas. He loved them. Right up his alley for sure. Thank you. – Nick W.

Plans Changelog

Version 1.06* 
– *Minor update
– Vector files now in DXF
– Links in main document made “clickable”

Version 1.05 
– Addition of skirt
– Improved star mechanism
– Add vector files for main layers
– New full-size pattern for the arms
– Clarification and elaboration on requested topics

Version 1.00
– Star mechanism details
– Now includes SketchUp file
– Simplified ramp system
– Various typos fixed and minor dimensions added

Version 0.95
– Metric dimensions
– Better material labels
– Friction reducing tape discussion
– Surface panel mounting strategy
– Surface panel “closing order” strategy
– More general advice
– Further info and sketches on the center raising mechanism.

Version 0.90
– First major update
– Computer drawings
– Multiple perspectives with dimensions
– Discussions on assembly and general advice