New Website

This is Scott Rumschlag, from the expanding table videos on YouTube. I will be building more projects in the future and needed a dedicated site, this is it!

Projects are fueled by the revenue from plans, so thank you to everyone who has purchased them. will be the home for these projects, holding the actual articles, photos and store.  YouTube will host the videos while Facebook provides updates and discussion. The plans were previously sold on my main contractor site but will now be here. The general model applies, i.e. mechanical projects with a few general ones mixed in.

I have two future projects in mind. The main one: a counterweight powered desk that shifts between sitting and standing. And the ambitious one: a vault door with multi-point locking system operated by cranking a central spoked wheel. Look for new videos on YouTube discussing these ideas.

Videos are in the same place on YouTube: Scott Rumschlag

And the new Facebook page: Mechanical Lumber

Thanks and look for more videos soon!