About Me

People sometimes ask about my background, why I didn’t go to school for engineering, etc. The answer is that I went to the University of Michigan for Civil Engineering and stayed long enough to get an MEng. After that I spent ten months in an office job, where I discovered my dislike of sitting all day. You sit a lot as a student, but it’s broken up with biking and walking between classes.

I finally landed a “real construction” job in southern Texas, helping to build a water plant that pulls directly from the Rio Grande river. Unfortunately, the contractor I worked for had their heads buried firmly in the sand and was losing money not just every week, but at an accelerating rate too. The final straw was a quick calculation: salary / total number of hours expected = I can literally make more ( on an hourly basis) mowing lawns with a push mower and I would get plenty of exercise!

I camped my way back to Michigan and started building projects again, eventually going “official” with a builder’s license. These projects occupied the next 2 years until the lake maps project which occupied the spring and summer of 2015, a few examples can be seen here. In fall 2015 I decided to focus exclusively on mechanical projects. The standing desk was my “sophomore album” and well received. There are several more projects underway, most of which I’ve been thinking about for a long time, it will be great to finally build them! I am also assisted by my brother Eric, who also enjoys projects and went to trade school for machining and CNC equipment.