Metal Mechanism Expanding Table

April 23, 2017

The metal mechanism table began as a kit but has generated more interest via plans. It’s currently on hold, however, pending greater interest in the plans. A lot of work remains but when I begin the final development push it will be accompanied by a video series.

In order to make the project accessible I will be making a few design changes. MIG welding will be used rather than TIG. The frame will be steel. Automotive components will be utilized to build the central hub as they are widely available, high quality and affordable. Stationary machinist tools (mill & lathe) will not be required. Many other small changes are planned but these are the most important.

Dimensions from the prototype (cross-section below): 48″ initial diameter, 60″ when expanded, 5-1/4″ thickness, 50% increase in surface area. ( 70% expansion optional).

If you would like to be added to the list of people interest in plans: please e-mail me:


Video: Project reveal

Video: Development discussion of prototype

(Above) Prototype cross-section, version in plans will be simplified.

(Below) Prototype dimensions, expansion % can be increased.